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    Mo was right there to help. No time was promised, but my vehicle was repaired quickly. Mo always takes care of me.
- Edward D.

    I went to Norris Ford to get service on my Escape. The rear hatch window was leaking water in to the car. When Renardo took my information, I explained that I didn't have a lot of time because I had to pick up my granddaughter from her morning pre-k. Renardo told me he would do his best to see It was taken care of right away. I went to the waiting room and had a cup of French vanilla coffee. Before I knew it the problem was solved and I was on my way with plenty of time to get my granddaughter. Thank You Renardo, and Thank You Norris Ford. You have another happy customer.
- George L.

    Customer Service -- When it came to customer service I was able to contact Mark or Chris at any point whenever I had a question about the status of the car. If they did not answer they would usually get back to me within the hour of when I left the message. They were patient with me and did an excellent job of updating me with the details of the car.
    Quality of Work -- When I ordered the car they wrote down everything I wanted and ordered exactly that. They were well organized and could find my documents on the car quickly when I requested them. They e-mailed me the details, such as the VIN, so that I could get my insurance taken care of as soon as possible.
    Friendliness -- They were very friendly. They would make conversation and took an interest in my work. Mark was very understanding of my rookie status with a manual car when I was test driving it.
    Overall Experience -- Mark and Chris were great dealers and were prompt to answer question or satisfy any concerns I had with the car, or price. They helped me every step of the way. They took car of the order and the day I ordered my car Mark talked to my insurance and took care of it for me.
    Price -- I am very satisfied with the price I paid for the car. Chris informed me of all the current rebates I could get and worked with me to get the best price possible for the car.
- Billy

    I feel they are up front and honest. They give you the best deal without playing games. I would definitely come back again. Everyone was nice and friendly.
- Frank H.

    Very pleased with the service department. Spoke with Renardo Smith Friday about a problem with my wife's car, scheduled an appointment on Monday. Arrived at 10:30 expecting a 2.5+ hour wait. Not only did the service department get the warranty work completed in 1.5 hours (transmission problem requiring a computer update/reprogram) but also updated the sync system in just 1.5 hours.
    Renardo and the service provided continue make me feel like I am more than just a car buyer . . . the dealership has that "old fashioned" feeling where you feel like you are part of the Norris family and a friend walking in their door. I would definitely (and have) recommended Norris to family and friends and will recommend their service department and Renardo Smith as well.
- Jason G.

    From my first conversation with Andy F., owner of Norris Ford, until my final handshake with Bruce S. before I pulled off in my new vehicle, I received nothing BUT the best service. The sales manager, Chris C., greeted me right away when I showed up at the dealership and handed me over to Bruce. The financing professional was amazing to deal with as well. I would HIGHLY recommend this dealer, and will be returning for any new car purchases in the future.
- Kelli

    Bruce Skrenczuk took us through the whole process in a very friendly and professional manner. Two days later, and a little over 100 miles, I thought I was going to have to bring my Ford Fiesta back to have it checked out, because I left the dealership with a full tank of gas, and the needle didn't move from the full mark until 105 miles. Don't know what kind of mileage I will get, but it sure looks promising. Many years ago, after my company closed (Armco Steel), they sent us to a seminar on how to look for employment. One of the hints was to look at the employees of the company to establish if they were smiling, or had unhappy faces. This would tell you how they liked the company they worked for. Every person that I met, during the buying process at Norris Ford, had a friendly smile. I almost wish I was looking for employment!
- Bill J.

    While emailing multiple dealers in a geographic swath from southern Virginia up to New Jersey, I dealt with Angelo Molinaro via email for a few weeks, discussing my search for a very specific Mustang: 2014, black V6 Premium, Automatic, Saddle, 201a, Comfort Pack and the tough to find Performance Pack. Angelo performed dealer inventory searches and came up with the same results I had produced in national searches using cars.com and Ford's inventory search function: the car I was looking for had not been produced, so it would have to be custom-ordered, or I would need to compromise. When Angelo presented a price that was extremely competitive, I was glad to choose Norris over the other 2 dealers in the running for a custom factory order. Norris had won on price, but almost as importantly, they won on character. Angelo had an unusually sincere approach that was unstained by even the slightest salesman sliminess. When I found out my car's factory build date, I emailed Angelo a few extra requests, namely that I didn't want front bumper license plate bracket holes drilled or a dealer-ad sticker applied. No problem. When I pulled up about an hour before closing time to finally drive the new car home, it had been waxed to a blinding sheen. There were some tough dirt smudges from the dealer's detailer on the steering wheel, and it looks like they failed to buff out a large spot of wax on the hood, but I can live with that. Everything went smoothly, and now I'm enjoying a great car knowing I paid an unusually low price, and to top it all off, I enjoyed meeting the guy who sold me the car. The bottom line: the Norris rear plate bracket is still on there for the time being. Can't recommend Norris more highly.
- Rob R.

    As always, when my car needs any kind of service I call Norris Ford and ask for Chuck Burke in service. He's always friendly and polite. He's very knowledgeable. He informs me of the cost or gives an estimate and looks up my warranty information to see if anything may be covered, as it was with the 08/19/2013 visit. It's always a pleasure doing business with Chuck!
    I choose to use Norris Ford service because I trust them to work on my car. I bought the car from Bob Davidson Ford and regularly get service coupons and emails from them to bring my car in for service, which generally works as a reminder for me to call Norris to set up an appointment to have work done. Trust is a hard thing to come by these days -- so if I trust someone or in this case a car dealer I'll use them for all my service needs, as I do with Norris Ford. It's a little out of my way, but worth the few extra miles to go to!
- Joyce J.

    Don't give out 5 stars easily but I must say I have never been happier with this dealership. I have purchased 5 vehicles in 12 years since I love fast, powerful and rare appearance vehicles. I walked into Norris Ford and walked out with a Country Swag of a truck. Angelo, Stan and William (Business Manager) had to be the epitome of professionalism, honesty and integrity. You will never met a sales team like this anywhere else. Angelo was straight forward, knew everything I was looking for and went out of his way losing other potential customers just to make sure I looked at every truck I wanted. He was patient, calm and truly comical person. Stan helped me sign all my stuff and want to talk about a guy who knows his technology. Stan took himself off the sales floor for over an hour knowing it wasn't his sale and wouldn't being getting a commission but still gave me a one on one tutorial of the SYNC. William, last but not least. William is a old school business manager who has mastered the principles of customer service. William doesn't push you into a car like most dealerships, he keeps it real and makes sure your happy even if the dealership has to lose your business. You can't find that type of customer service like you do with these guys. Although I didn't not have transactions with other sales staff I can say this you will never find a group of happy co-workers. Everyone works as a team and it's like having a team fighting in your corner and not just one person. KUDOS TO NORRIS FORD .... You made my dream truck come true today and will never forget you efforts today. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!
- Mark-Anthony P.

    Love the car & love the dealership. Had a very bad experience with Sloan Ford in Exton, PA. Will definitely buy from Norris again & again & again. Thanks Norris Ford!
- Patricia T.

    Sales experience was excellent, and everyone I dealt with were just nice people!
- James F.

    The gentleman we dealt with at Norris Ford was very nice. I had a concern right after we purchased the car - we had taken the vehicle up 95 a ways in the rain and we heard what we thought was wind noise in the vehicle. He took my call, helped me, gave me advice and we hung up. He then checked with someone else about the issue and called me back. I felt like he really wanted me to be happy even after we purchased the vehicle. I also felt like he was genuinely concerned about the issue and went the extra steps to make sure. In the end, the issue resolved itself and there was not a problem. The next time we took that same trip there was no wind noise so we concluded it was because it was a very windy night with heavy rain and the noise perhaps was from the tires against the wet roads. I will definitely return to Norris Ford for future vehicle purchases and would recommend Norris Ford to friends and family.
- Mark N.

    Larry was friendly and knowledgeable. The whole process was fairly quick and easy. I'm definitely satisfied with my overall experience.
- Sandra B.

    The service techs at the front were first class. So were the cashiers. I didn't meet the mechanic, but the work on my vehicle was outstanding. I have purchased both a new and used unit from Norris Ford this year and have been very satisfied with the entire process.
- Mike B.


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